On-Site Professional Development Opportunities

Mary Palmer and Susan Rosoff are available to assist you in your arts integration journey.  On-site professional development opportunities are tailored to your needs.  Options to support your faculty and/or staff include:

  • Hands-on Professional Development sessions for your total group
  • Classroom demonstrations to engage students and teachers in arts integrated learning
  • Side by side teaching with your faculty or staff members
  • Book study to dig deep into arts integration strategies and specific implementations – by age group or all together
  • Empowerment planning with administration, faculty, and staff to prepare for success with arts integration

Please contact us at info@artsjourneypress.com to begin shaping the professional development program that will help you to transform your school.

Online Professional Development Opportunities

Join us for FREE Webinars!  Webinars are designed to encourage your arts integration journey.  Through these Webinars, a supportive community of users interested in excellence will be developed. 

Information about each Webinar will be posted at www.artsjourneypress.com.  If you’d like information emailed directly to you, please click here.

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